Sea Tours

Sea Tours

Belizean waters are home to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, first class diving, snorkelling and some of the best sea kayaking you can find. With over 200 cayes (small islands) and close to half of Belizean land area under protection, the ethnically diverse people, sea and jungle invite you to experience an unparalleled range of diversity, adventure and culture.

– One-day Activities

            – Kayaking – Island or Lagoon

Leaving paddling early morning and follow the coast line north to a small mangrove island called False Caye. Here we will snorkel, fish, swim, have lunch, paddle around the one-mile island and return in the afternoon paddling. Lunch, guide, all kayak equipment are included in both excursions.

Other option is to paddle in the Lagoon. Your guide will navigate you through the maze of mangrove waterways. This environment presents a great opportunity to view amazingly diverse wildlife. We may see an array of birds, dolphins, manatees, crocodiles. Guide, lunch and all kayak equipment are included in this tour.

Price per person US$ 80.00, 2 persons minimum

            – Full-day snorkeling/wakeboarding

Belize’s giant natural aquarium with its myriad of species of hard and soft corals, sponges and a rainbow of fish species, is a haven for snorkellers. Our itinerary for the day will have us at Laughing Bird Caye Marine Reserve or the famous Silk Cayes that sit on the Reef’s edge. Activities range from snorkeling to wakeboarding, swimming, sunbathing and fishing in one of the most priviledged environment on earth.

Included: Boat shuttle, park fees, captain, local guide, lunch, wakeboarding/snorkeling gear

Price per person Laughing Bird Caye US$ 80.00, Silk Cayes US$ 90.00, 2 persons minimum

– Multi-day packages

– Multi-sport – 4 days out on the cayes.

Price:              US$ 1199.00  Hotel/Camping

                        US$ 1799.00 Cabanas throughout



Day 1
Lodgings: Seaside Hotels.
Activities: Explore seaside villages.
Destinations: Placencia or Seine Bight.
Description: Land at Belize City, go through customs to Tropic Air. The flight takes 30-40 minutes to Placencia. A SeaKunga Adventures representative will be waiting for you, and will show you to your hotel or guesthouse. The afternoon is yours to settle in and explore. Dinner will provide a great opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers and go over plans for the week.

Day 2-4
Lodgings: Camping/Island Cabanas
Activities: Power boat, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding.

Description: After breakfast, we will head out to the cayes in a local powerboat. These 3 days will be spent snorkelling, kayaking, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, fishing, relaxing, stargazing, eating delicious meals and just plain having fun in the sun.

Day 5
Lodgings: Seaside Guesthouses
Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, farewell dinner
Destinations: Laughing Bird Caye, Placencia
Description: On our return to Placencia we will make a stop at Laughing Bird Caye National Park and have a chance to snorkel amongst the cayes outstanding coral heads and rainbow-coloured fish. Dinner together in Placencia and perhaps some dancing will end our final evening.

Day 6
Lodgings: None
Activities: Breakfast, transport to airport
Destinations: Airport
Description: After an incredible week of kayaking we bid farewell. An early Mid-Morning flight will take you back to Belize city airport.

* Optional scuba divingis available.
+ If you join us for our 3 day Jungle Explorer extension, we leave this morning for zipling and much more.


–          Glovers one week all activities

Price: US$ 1990.00

Itinerary… Saturday departures

Day 1
Accommodation: Sittee Lodge
Activities: Drive from Dangriga to Sitee River
Destinations: Sittee River
Description: Land at Belize City, then go through customs to Tropic Air. The flight takes 20-30 minutes to Dangriga. A SeaKunga Adventures representative will be waiting for you and will show you to your hotel. The afternoon is yours to settle in and explore. Dinner will provide a great opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers and go over plans for the week ahead.

Day 2
Accommodation: camping and lodge
Activities: transport by boat from Sittee to Glovers Reef Base Camp.
DestinationsNorth East Caye
Description: After breakfast, we will head out to the Cayes by power boat. On the trip there we
will have the opportunities to spot dolphins playing in the surf. After arriving at our base camp we will enter the afternoon with a refreshing swim and a cold drinks.

Day 3 to 7
Accommodation: camping and lodge
Activities: kayak, snorkel, fish, swim, kite board,  hammock lounge, fresh seafood dinners, birding. Diving options are also available.
Destinations: North East Caye
Description: These days are filled with opportunities to participate in all the water activities that you could imagine, take a scuba diving course or if you prefer lie on the beach and work on your tan and catch up on some reading.

Day 8
Accommodation: Sittee river Lodge
Description: We take the morning to enjoy some more kayaking on our last day in the Cayes. We then head back to Sittee river

Day 9
Activities: breakfast, transport to airport Description: After an incredible week of kayaking, we bid farewell. An early mid morning Flight will take you back to Belize City Airport.
* Optional PADI course and scuba rental available


-Out on your own rentals

Choose from kayaks (single or double) or SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards) and take to the sea on your own for the day. Lessons are also available. Rates include all relevant gear and advice

Single kayak – US$ 25.00 for the day

Double kayak – US$ 40.00 for the day

SUP – US$ 25.00 for 2 hours, US$ 50.00 for the day

– Scubadiving Certifications

With the second largest Barrier Reef in the world (the first being Australia’s), the Belize Barrier Reef boasts three of the most spectacular atolls and a reef 185 miles long, coupled with a young tourism industry just being discovered there are no more questions left as to why Belize has become one of the diving capitals of the world. Belize’s environmental strategy along with its small population has also functioned superbly in managing to protect over 400 square miles of reef surface.

Placencia is known for its spectacular coral walls where the continental shelf drops off, and for having the closest route to the world famous Gladden Spit. Again, our strategic location puts us west of Gladden Spit which is 26 miles offshore: it is the place where during 4 months out of every year the giant Whale Sharks congregate to give us close views of the largest fish in the planet. The number of cayes off the peninsula and three different marine reserves which are no-take zones make Placencia a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise.

Discover Scuba Diving

If you’ve never dived before, or you’re not a certified diver but would like to try some diving, this is the course for you. You can learn what to do underwater, how your equipment works and go on a dive at the cayes all in (1) day. Visit and explore the underwater world under the guidance and care of our PADI professionals. If you really like the experience of being underwater, there’s two ways to go. Go on another couple of novice dives, or simply get your PADI Open Water Certification with (2) more days of instruction and diving. Be warned, being underwater is addictive!

Course Length: 1 Day

Price: US$ 215.00 (3-tank dive) – US$ 185.00 (2-tank dive)

Scuba Diver Course

After you’ve taken the Discover Scuba Diving Course, and find that you don’t have enough time to complete the PADI Open Water Diver Course, you can still get a certification as a PADI Scuba Diver with just (1) more day of training and diving. Unlike the other novice PADI Dive Courses we offer, you can upgrade this certification to full Open Water Diver at any time with a PADI Open Water Instructor.

Course Length: 2 Days

Price: US$ 385.00

Open Water Diver

Whether you’ve had a dive experience or not, it doesn’t matter. You can take the plunge right away and go for full Open Water Certification. Your first day involves academics, where you’ll be watching our PADI Open Water DVD. Your Instructor will also be going over the principles of diving, and showing you how your equipment works. On day two, you’re out to the cayes for your confined water training in shallow water, followed by (2) open water training dives. Day three has you doing your last (2) open water training dives, and you will now be fully certified! If you’ve taken the Discover Scuba Diving Course and you want to continue for full Open Water Certification, you’ve already completed a third of the course by spending day one doing Discover Scuba Diving. On day two, we’ll complete your academic training, and on day three complete your confined water training and qualifying dives.

Course Length: 3 Days

Price: US$ 475.00

– Whale Shark Diving and Snorkeling Trips

Directly east of Placencia at Gladden Spit, over 25 species of fish gather to spawn during the full moon periods in the springtime. A large snapper referred to as black or cubera snapper gather to spawn as well. It is the spawn from this particular snapper that the whale sharks come here to feed on. This is the only site in the world where you can witness large schools of courting snapper and whale sharks while diving. These gentle giants swim from the deep blue up over a wall’s edge that tops at about 150 feet. Here is where the massive schools of snapper stretch across the top of this deep wall occasionally spiraling up to 60 and 80 feet. This is a blue water dive with the bottom far below you and sometimes not visible at all. Whale sharks can be observed below swimming amongst the schooling snappers, and will come up the water column all the way to the surface sifting the water as they feed on the spawn. Seeing a whale shark on every dive is not a guarantee, so it’s advisable to book a couple of days for this dive. One thing is for sure, you’ll witness an incredible sight as you may also see schools of other fish like horse eye jacks, cervalle jacks, mutton and dog snappers also gathering in huge schools to spawn. Other sightings that are quite common are bull sharks, dolphin, turtles, mantas, and the occasional game fish like wahoos and kings.  This is indeed an incredible spawning event!


We expect the seasonal visitation of whale sharks during the months of March to June in the days following the full moon. However, full moon periods during the months of April, May are the best.  The time of the month that the full moon falls on can determine whether March or June can render good sightings.  If the moon falls late in the month, then the March full moon period can be considered for sightings.  If the moon falls early on the month, then the June full moon period can be considered for sightings in that event.  The ideal time of the moon for these tours is for about a 5-day period, starting on the third day following the full moon day on these months.

This dive is a 2-tank dive, and snorkelers have two snorkel sessions. What is sometimes a long surface interval, is spent on the inside of the barrier reef in a lovely, calm patch reef area where all can enjoy snorkeling. Experience level for snorkelers and divers is recommended at intermediate to advanced. Its just about an hour and fifteen minute boat ride to Gladden Spit from Placencia, and one should be prepared to spend the whole day on this amazing trip.

               Whale Shark Diving Rates

Whale Shark 2-tank Dive – US$ 200.00
Whale Shark Snorkelers – US$ 115.00

Required Forms

The Medical and Waiver forms have to be filled in and emailed back to SeaKunga as soon as possible.