Inland Tours

Inland Tours

All of the tours listed here are priced as one-day activity but they can be combined in packages for multi-day activities. Contact us to customize your trip! (link to Custom Trips)

-One-day Activities

– Jaguar Preserve Jungle Adventure

Dense tropical forest and an abundant bird population greet your arrival at the first established Jaguar Reserve, an amazing effort into preserving the third largest cat of the world. The village of Maya Center sits at the entrance to the Reserve and gives us a great stop for local souvenirs. Rich tropical flora and fauna, great hiking, swimming, picnic lunch at a waterfall and an expert guide in natural history will guarantee you a fulfilling day. Park fees come included.

Price per person U$ 80.00, 4 persons minimum

          Southern Maya Ruins and Blue Creek Cave

This day trip an adventurous combination of caving, Maya Ruins and great panoramic views as the  Southern Highway takes us south past the Maya Mountains. Visit the well known Blue Creek Cave and the Maya site of Nim Li Punit which has yielded some of the most preserved monuments in Mayan hieroglyphic writing; these monuments stand as witnesses of the Ancient Maya Civilization that once densely inhabited Belize. Guide, shuttles, fees and lunch come included.

Price per person US$ 95.00, 4 persons minimum

          Bocawina Ziplining & Rappelling

Please Contact us for information on Bocawina Zipline & Rapelling

          Caves Branch Underground Rafting

There are only a few countries in the world where you can paddle a raft through a natural underground habitat bearing amazing cave formations with magical daylight effects through the entrances and windows exposing a green spectrum of lush tropical jungle.  A highly recommended experience with only your headlight and your guide to lead the way – this is a must do adventure! Shuttle, guide, lunch and fees come included. 

Price per person US$ 150.00, 4 persons minimum

          Cave Tubing and Zip Line

Cave Tubing is one of the top things to do in Belize’s menu of adventure. No raft, no paddle just your inner tube and your headlight that will guide you through breathtaking limestone mountains and formations. Zip Lining guarantees an adrenaline rush for those that have never “zipped” through the jungle strapped to a seat harness at high speed. You can also visit the most eco-friendly zoo you have ever seen to get a close view of Belize’s striking wildlife. This tour guarantees a real treat for nature lovers. Shuttle, guide, lunch and fees come included.

Price per person: Cave Tubing and Zip Line US$ 195.00, 4 persons minimum

                             Cave Tubing and Belize Zoo US$ 145.00, 4 persons minimum

          Xunantunich Maya Ruins

A beautiful drive through the Hummingbird Highway will take us to the Cayo District and through the Belize River Valley and San Ignacio on to Xunantunich. Xunantunich is one of the most impressive Mayan Temples in Belize and which survived into the latest times of the civilization prior to it’s collapse. On the way back we stop at Blue Hole for a refreshing swim in one of the many cenotes – a collapsed lime stone cavern – surrounded by lush jungle that will just relax you for the ride back to your resort. Transport, guide, lunch and fees come included.

Price per person US$ 125.00, 4 persons mínimum

          Mayan Ceremonial Cave Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)

They came into Xib’alba with only wooden torches to light their way, the dancing flames casting ghostly shadows on the cave walls …  it was the underworld to them, the realm of the spirits where they could make contact with their ancestors and please some of their most important gods. Located in Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve within the Cayo District, Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) was extensively used by the ancient Mayas between 300 and 900 AD. ATM, as it is known, is an archaeological museum in itself, its floors littered with over 200 ceramic vessels and numerous crystallized human skeletons – this cave was one of the main sacrificial sites in Maya times. We highly recommend this adventure for the fans of Mayan history, anthropology and archaeology. Transport, guide, fees and lunch come included.

Price per person  US$ 195.00, 4 persons minimum

-Multi-day Package

– Jungle Explorer

Price US$ 800.00


Day 1
Accommodation: Mama Noots (Lodge)
Activities: Hiking through various trails, Ziplining, (repelling option) .
Destinations: Bocawina National Park

Description: Departing Placencia, explorethe trails and waterfalls of bocawina national park with ziplining through the canopy. 

Day 2
Accommodation: Mountain Equestrian Trail ( Lodging)
Activities: River kayaking (inflatables) along The Caves Branch River.
Destinations: MET
Description: Travelling by inflatable kayaks, through a network of caves which are situated on the caves branch river off of the hummingbird highway.

Day 3
Accommodation Mountain Equestrian Trail (Lodging)
Activities: Mayan ruins of Xunantunich.
Destinations: Xunantunich, Big Rock Falls
Description: Tour of Mayan ruins followed final dinner together!

Day 4
Accomodation: None
Activities: Return to Airport, San Ignacio or Placencia Airport
Description: Transport to Belize city airport before midday to connecting international flights,or drop elsewhere if you arrange prior.

Required Forms

The Medical and Waiver forms have to be filled in and emailed back to SeaKunga as soon as possible.