We can outfit remote expeditions which including helicopter, ATV or horse support to access remote  rivers deep in the heart of the Maya Mountains. These expedition require participants to be fit, flexible and open minded. 

Sibun River

(Access Helicopter or 2.5 day hike)

This spectacular gorge is our most remote trip in Belize. We shant see any signs of humans for 4 days only beautiful wilderness with towing cliffs, clear waters, schools of mountain mullets, fresh water cray fish (getting the idea for the meal plan). Only a hand full of expeditions have navigated the upper gorge and is not for the meek or faint of heart. We have 2 ways to access the river. One is a ½ hour helicopter ride after a 2.5 hr van ride to the staging area. The other is a 2.5 day trek with steep descents, bush wacking and repelling to get to the river.

PRICE: Helicopter US$ 2,000.00 per person minimum 3pax   max 6 pax

HIKE: US$ 1,000.00 per person minimum 3pax   max 6 pax


Black Water

Only by Helicopter.

We have never done this river before. Only flown over following the river. Looks like there would be a few portages and about 3 days to the pullout. We have topo map though. Want to come along? Let’s go!  Bring great attitude and open time frame, the rest we will bring.

PRICE: US$ 1,500.00  máximum 4 pax.


Swasey River

(ATV or Horses and Hiking for full day)

This expedition takes us into the south western frontier of the the Cockscomb Basin and onto the amazing Swasey River (with it Scarlett MacCaws January through March). Our expedition starts with a 1.5  hr. ride from the coastal villages of Placencia and Seine Bight to our staging area of Maya Mopan on the Georgetown Rd.  Once we arrive in Maya Mopan we will load our equipment onto to either ATV or Horses depending on the condition of the trail. Ironically our first camp is called “sal se puede” (leave if you can). And indeed we do. This place was once used by loggers several decades ago to Harvest the Mahogany trees, which were so very desired by the cabinet makers of Europe. In this pursuit little did the know they we going to be inenvertenly making roads for future river kayaking and rafting expeditions.  We will spend four days traversing gorges, gazing at amazey senery, visit mayan villages, Scarlet McCaws and have a lot of fun.

4 day expedition. US$ 800.00 Included every thing from Placencia RT.


Moho River

Drive to put in.

A spectacular limestone river with endless drops and pools. Gorgeous backdrop to an enchanting journey through this remote area of southeastern Belize. This trip is best done as a 3 day expedition though it is equally gratifying to do different sections of the river as  One and Two day trips.


Three day trip is: US$ 600.00 includes everything.

Two Day: US$ 350.00

One Day: US$ 150.00

Required Forms

The Medical and Waiver forms have to be filled in and emailed back to SeaKunga as soon as possible.