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Experts Since 1994

As an Adventure Tour Company, Seakunga has been offering quality tours since 1994 into Belize and since 2001 into Panama. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our trips. Our Adventure Tours are led by well trained and certified guides that will ensure that your holiday and adventure is a safe vacation.

Pricing and Packages for Every Budget

We think everyone should travel, know your international neighbors and help make the world a better place, so we cater for all budgets. Just let us know your travel needs and we’ll get you going! (link to Custom Trips)

All Inclusive, Fully Outfitted Service

We provide kayaks, tents, equipment and everything else for adventure. Just bring your clothes and personal gear and we’ll take care of the rest. As we are well experienced you can be rest assured that we have an extensive infrastructure in place to ensure that your tour is a success. (link to Our Tours)

Kiteboarding school

The season 2012-2013 sees a new addition to our programs with the opening of the first kite boarding school on mainland Belize! If you want to learn the basics first steps or are a experienced kiteboarder wanting to join one of our ‘safaris’, check what Seakunga has to offer! (link to Kiteboarding)

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– The Location

We are strategically located on the 14 mile long Peninsula of Placencia that breaks off the mainland as we geographically move into the southern third of Belize. The Placencia Peninsula has become the hot spot for adventure travel with comfort. With only 18 miles to the Southern Highway we boast a prime location to be able to access the jungle, rivers and the majestic Mayan Temples, not to mention the sea and beach which is at our doorstep.

We located near two culturally rich communities. We believe that nature and culture can go hand in hand with adventure. Therefore, we encourage you to feel for yourself Placencia’s “creole” heritage which speaks of Belize’s legacy of melding cultures.  In the Village of Seine Bight, we enter the Garifuna community, the contributors to Belize’s musical rhythms that have given us a unique blend of Central American, West African and Caribbean culture.

Join us and let us guide you through the best of Belize! (link to google map)


– The Team

Ajinder (AJ) Garcha

Ajinder lives in Belize most of the time but spends few months every year in Canada. He is the founder of Seakunga Adventures and has been operating it successfully since 1994. He started off his operations in Belize and has since branched into trips in the unknown islands of Panama. He has travelled extensively in the world and brings to his trips a wealth of knowledge and good humour.

Virginie Colla

Virginie will probably be your first contact through email or phone. She’s making sure all logistics and coordination are in place and that you get all the necessary answers to your questions before and upon booking a trip with us. Originally from Belgium, she is fluent in French, Spanish and English. She’ll welcome you with a smile and a sweet French accent.

Orlando Harris

Orlando, your guide in Panama, has many years of experience in the field. He has a degree in Cultural and Historical Tourism with a master degree in Conservation and Management of Cultural heritage in Central America. He also has degrees in Biology and Medical technology and a technical degree in Gastronomy. He is Panamanian, speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese and is currently studying French, Japanese and Guna (or Kuna).


(Aaran Bevis, Giovani, Kitesurf guy, Isadore)